My Mother..a Weightloss Saboteur?

 I have been feeling under the weather lately...when I was returning home from my  home town jaunt I had a slight sore throat which has since turned into a full blown cold complete with stuffy nose, incessant coughing, loss of voice ..the whole nine.  Despite my state I still managed to get in two workouts.  My mom and I were going shopping but she didn't want to go to the gym so she dropped me off and picked me up after she finished taking care of some business.

Anyway after my 35 minutes on the elliptical ( which was all I could handle) My mother wasn't there to pick me up yet so I went to the grocery store next door and picked up some  fresh black berries ( 2 packs for $1.00) and some turkey breast while it was on sale.  After numerous phone calls to my mother she finally returned to pick me up with my favorite sandwich ..complete with my favorite strawberry shortcake (home made and the whipped cream is to die for) in tow.
I told her now you know I just worked out and was met with the "well if you don't want it"  blah, blah, blah.

Now how in the heck am I supposed to resist that. I haven't quite gotten my motivation back..let alone willpower which is something that I just cannot seem to master.  Needless to say that sandwich and shortcake went in my belly along with excuses and promises to restart.

I don't know how to deal with this but I know she will not change so the answer lies with me.  I have to work on resisting temptation  when it comes to  what I deem to be her sabotaging tactics...  I don't think she does it intentionally but whatever the reason, I must resist.

Do you have diet/weightloss saboteurs in your family or is everyone supportive?  How do you handle them if you do?

Getting it right,


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