i've become obsessed

I did a little grocery shopping yesterday ( trying to get a few last minute things for the Holiday.) Anyway ,as is the case with most grocery stores, they had a lady handing out samples of coffee.

Now I'm not what some would call a coffee drinker as days, weeks, even months can go by without me having a cup of coffee. I usually have to be in the mood for it and when I am I'll  drink it for a week or so and then I'm done.  I also tend to drink coffee  moreso for the cream..lol 

I absolutely love McDonalds coffee and the fact that they can add the cream and sugar for me is the beezzz kneezzz.  I hate  fiddling around with sugar packets and creamers which is also why I love their sweet tea.  it's already sweetened which is everything to me but anyway back to the sample lady.  I wasn't so much impressed with the coffee as I was with the coffee maker. 

She was using the Keruig  K-cup coffee maker.  I've seen these around for quite a while now and never had any interest in them.. my cousin was even telling me that she wanted to get one for her hubby for Christmas and even then, my interest was not peaked.  After speaking with the lady, I found out that not only can you brew coffee, but tea, hot chocolate, and apple cider as well  ~swoon~  I absolutely fell in love.  They were on sale for $99.00 plus she was offering coupons for an extra $10.00 off which is the cheapest I've seen anywhere but still  I talked myself out of getting it by asking myself how much would I really use it.  I always do that, talk myself out of buying things and then change my mind but when I go back to get it, it's usually gone and this time they only had one left so I know there is no point in me going back to purchase it.  Oh well...maybe it's for the best but since then, that  Keruig has entered my thoughts a zillion times since then.

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