Still Here and Still working out

I know that you are probably thinking that I have fallen off the wagon but NOPE!  I'm proud to say that I am still here and still working out!  I have just completed 3 weeks of working out at least 5 days per week.  Granted, I haven't had much weight loss..(3 lbs so far) but that equals a pound per week and considering the fact that I haven't really altered my diet in any way, I'll take it!  I'm fine with slow and steady....for now!  I know that If I followed some type of nutrition program or ate clean at least some days I'd see much more progress. I'm working my way up to that and hopefully I'll get there at some point.

As far as what I've been doing,  I've  just been mixing it up  just to overcome some of the monotony of the workout( I tend to get bored easily and when I get bored, I quit)  I also do Turbo fire and Zumba, (which I absolutely love!)  I'm telling you, if you have not tried a Zumba workout, you do not know what you are missing.  It is so much fun and you don't feel like you are working out at all. You also burn a ton of calories while learning some dance steps to boot.  You simply cannot lose with this workout.
I'm still at the point where I have to talk myself into working out( it hasn't really become a habit with me yet)  I look to my motivational source to get me started and some times it takes me a while to actually get up and get moving but I've been at it for 3 weeks now.

I've also learned that although I am a morning person, I can actually work out in the evenings (which I have been doing for most of these past three weeks)  It's really not bad at all and if I workout late enough,by the time I'm done showering, I'm usually dog tired and I just fall right asleep, aching body and all  lol.
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How are you liking Turbo Fire? I used to do Turbo Jam and I liked that a lot. I'm doing Insanity by Beachbody right now but I'm thinking of ordering Turbo Fire when I'm done! Have thought about becoming a Beachbody coach? I don't see anywhere on here that you can go to my website and click on the coach tab for more info. Feel free to contact me!

Have a great day!

Hi Lauren, I like Turbo Fire. It's very similar to Turbo Jam but much more fast paced. The music is great too! I'm not doing it as a program, just doing it when the mood hits. I have insanity but am no where near ready for it. lol The warm-up has me huffing and puffing so I have pushed it to the wayside for now.

I have just about every beach body workout there is but I have never thought about being a coach. I don't really know what it entails. I figured it was some sort of pyramid setup where you get people to sign up as a coach under you and you get a percentage of money based on how many they can get to sign up, or purchase beachbody products and so on.

Thanks for the link, I will check it out!

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