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Woke up early this morning and decided to get my workout over and done with.  I still need to do the abs workout  but anyway I feel great.  I think I've found a way to get me motivated, I look at before and afters of people who have successfully lost weight.  Viewing photos and reading about the success of others seems to be just what I need to get me off of my butt and moving.  I was even motivated to do a kettle bell workout last night at 9:00 P.M.  who would have thought?  It may not be a conventional method of motivation but hey, it seems to work for me.  Now to get this eating together.

I'm finding (with my nutrition tracking) that I am not eating all of my allotted  calories most day. This is fine but  yesterday I received a "D" on my eating and it was due to my dinner at Boston Market.  Aside from a few Pringles( I was stuck out  for quite a few hours without any snacks so I had to run to CVS and grab something because I was starving) and a yogurt that is all I had to eat. I'm thinking  Rotisserie Chicken, you know not too bad of a food choice but when I looked up the nutritional information in my one little individual meal from boston Market it added up to over 1000 calories.  Sheesh, and I didn't even eat all of the chicken that came with my meal.  I really need to learn to make wiser food choices but I know that I cannot go out to eat ( be it fast food or a restaurant) and order a salad,  I just can't!

I know that I need to start cooking more.  I read how people cook for an entire week and freeze their meals and I think I did that once but the food didn't taste as fresh, especially after the first or second day.  Anyway, I will continue to search for tips and tricks to get me through this journey intact.  lol  but for now I'll leave you all with a little weight loss humor:

Getting it right and tight,


Start looking for fun recipes? (If you like to cook that is). I'm not good with eating left overs for more than, like, two days (don't ask me why), but things like a whole chicken, or a roast, or pasta, or even a good stew seem to last for a few days without me wanting to gag.

Congrats on your motivation! I read stories all the time. It's nice to see that it can be done sometimes, ya know? Keep a stiff upper lip!

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