Hmmmm... I need to get busy!

As you know, I officially started p90X on the 9th, and while I rocked day 1(if I do say so myself) yesterday wasn't so hot. I already decided that I would need to work my way up to Pylo so I substituted with Hip Hop Abs. Now Pylo isn't extremely difficult and I have done it previously but the problem is that it tends to take a toll on my knees. When I did it before I did it using my trampoline and it did make it more bearable for me so that is always an option when I decide to work it into my routine.

Anyhoo, what I really wanted to talk about was yesterday. I had company and you all know that when company comes, it can throw your entire routine out of wack. I'm normally a morning person, have been that way all of my life, so I low that If I don't get my workout in early then it won't get done. Well yesterday, I watched the morning hours just tick by and I still hadn't gotten anything done. My mind started working and making up all kinds of excuses and reasons for me to not work out. I'll just work out on the weekend. I said I would only work out 3 days a week so missing this one day is no big deal. I'll do double tomorrow and yada yada yada. I really had it in my heart that I wouldn't work out but deep down I know that I needed to. Hell It was only day 2 for me and I didn't want to quit tat early so I dug deep within myself and somehow mustered up the energy and determination to pop in my HHA( yeah, I know hard work lol) and get my behind up and moving. Once I got started it really was fun and I also realized that working out in the evening isn't as bad as I thought. Granted, it will take a lot for me to get moving once I'm home and settled in but an occasional evening workout is totally feasible if my mind decided to co-operate.

Eating is a whole 'nother story so I'll save that for another day.


OMG!!!! Hey Lady. I'm so happy to see that you are still at it and stop by my page. Loving the new look. Your page is defintely dahotness. Yes I'm still at it and determine to keep fighting until I reach my goal. All we can do is keep pushing. I want to be down to 145 by June 10th my 38 b-day.
I will be checking in with you. YES WE CAN DO THIS!!!!! SO GLAD TO SEE YOU AROUD MY WAY:D.

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