New Year, New Me

SO I have embarked on this weightloss challenge in '09. The plan was to start on the 1st but I will be starting tomorrow, the 5th. I just got back into town and because my Mac is giving me the blues right now, I didn't have access to a comp or my workout things. Anyway, I plan to take my stats and start p90x then.
I also have an appointment with a Mac "genius" to find out what is going on with my comp. I'm pretty sure that I will need a new hard drive. (fell off the table before it went through the scanner at the airport and yes I fully intend to file a claim with TSA). But anyway, I know that I'm basically screwed since the comp is out of warranty. My main concern is all of my photos which,unfortunately, I never got around to backing up. I fully intended to purchase an external hard drive and move some things to it but figured it could wait until I got back. Little did I know !!!The one saving grace is thati can replace the hard drive myself so thats a few dollars saved.

Back to working out, I intend to WOWY as well if my pc (which I am trying to get used to again) will hold up.


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