Day 1 update!

So, Last Night I was thumbing through this issue of People MAgazine and I found it very inspiring.  While most of the people featured in this issue lost their weight using a diet plan (LA weight loss, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Optifast) I still found  their success to be rather motivating.  While I don't plan to pay for a diet program, I do plan to change my eating habits (which by the way, yesterday was a bust). 

 I don't know what happened but at dinner time, as usual, I fell off.  I just didn't feel like cooking so I threw in a frozen pizza for the kiddies and it was a wrap.  I didn't over indulge but It wasn't the healthiest, most balanced meal I could've... no, I should've prepared.  Anyway,  I think I will be following a piece of  advice that I gleaned from the article.  Since I am just starting out AGAIN, I will focus on working out for the first one or two weeks and then after that, I will concentrate on overhauling my diet.  That doesn't mean  that all food will be ago, it just means that I'm going ot focus on one thing at a time.  MAybe one week, I'll do less sugar, the next, water, the next more veggies, and so on.  You get my point.  Anyway, that's the plan for now but as with everything, it is always subject to change.  Oh yeah,  If you need motivation or inspiration, pick up that issue of People!


Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words. I think you focusing on the first week and the second week is a great Idea. But make sure you write out your workout plan. It's easier to do it that way because you know what area you'll be focusing on and you want be doing the same thing every day.

Also set up a specific time so, your body can get in the habit of getting up at that time. Slow in steady will help. So don't get discourage if you miss a work out. Just keep pushing.

I was looking at that issue last night. I didn't read the article, perhaps I need to. Don't feel bad about the pizza, last night dinner for me was nachos...I hate to admit how yummy they were! ;)

Keep it up!


Don't feel bad, girl. We both are easing back into this healthy living thing :)

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