I'm back. You know the spiel

I have got to do something about this weight. It is getting seriously out of control and I'll be damned if I hit the 230's. The plan was to start on Monday but I can't seem to get my ass up and get it moving. My face is huge (cute but huge) I have gotten a double chin and my waist is just out of control. I went shopping for a dressy coat over Christmas and I saw plenty of cute coats but when I tried them on, they looked awful on me. I just want my waistline back and I'd be good to go. I'm tired of looking like I am expecting. haha. So the plan is to work out at 3 days a week and increase my water intake. I've been traveling over the last two months and my diet was horrible. I'm getting it in in 2010. Lmao!


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