No I didn't fall off. Well at least I don't consider it falling off

Yes, I'm still on my workout grind. But because I had guests and the kiddies out of school for the holiday, I was hard pressed to find some time to get in a workout. That's right.... from last week Wednesday to Sunday I did nada but I was back in the swing of things yesterday and today. I did my first lower body workout yesterday and you can best believe I am feeling it today. I remember at one point I could do this entire workout and not get winded or tired...Now I had to take breaks. Just think, If I had kept it up when I first started working out, I'd be slim and trim and fit as a fiddle by now. Makes me angry when I think about it but what can I do but keep the momentum going. Normally, I'll wait to the new Year to start working out again and make my New Year's resolution that I'd undoubtedly break within a month or two. This time, by the time New Years rolls around, I'll already have a month and a half in. I have a good 50 lbs that I'd like to lose (maybe more) so I have t get with it and stick with it!


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