I know ya'll are tired of me.

Yes, yes,  I'm back again.  While I have been working out (sporadically at best) I had managed to stick with my 3 day a week goal save for a missed week and a half due to circumstances beyond my control.  My diet, however, has not been that great.  I have been introduced to a little Italian spot and their chicken and shrimp Fettucini Alfredo is to die for.  You hear me?  TO DIE  FOR!!  

I hopped on the scale and didn't like what I saw (like I've ever liked what I've seen) so I think a revamping is in order.

I have decided to embark on the p90x journey and follow it to the letter.  Of course I will have to tweak a few of the routines, namely Pylo and some of the exercises for the legs, due to knee issues but that's the plan.  I did my first chest and back workout today and I felt good about it.  While I don't think I gave it all that I could have, I'm proud of the fact that I managed to stick it out for the entire workout and 1/4 of the way through the ab routine.  Thats a start  right? 

I'm still having motivational issues but like I said before,  success stories and before and after photos help me a lot.  I find it so hard to get started but one thing is for sure, Once I've started I feel great afterwards. There is  nothing like hitting the shower after working up a sweat.  I love that feeling!!  I am definitely going to have to put forth my best effort in losing this weight because I've been saying the same thing for about 8 years now and I'm still in the same situation I was back then, FAT!!   I've also noticed that I've been feeling sluggish and rundown lately.  I don't have nearly the amount of energy that I should have ad I know that working out will help with that.  Shoot, the summer is almost here and I will definitely need my energy.

So....I've got the plan and I even took some before photos but hmmmph, I will not be posting them until I can see some visible progress.  I need to take an official weight and do some measurements and I'll be good to go. I think I will do that tomorrow when I first wake up and use that to track my progress.  

Since I'm currently around 217 I think my first goal will be to get out of the teens. I have no idea how long that should take but given the 2 lb per week rule of thumb I'm thinking about a month or month and a half.

I'm also going to make a concerted effort to track my meals more diligently.  I have several programs I can use for this and I may even start frequenting  "Spark People" again.  Anyone want to start a Spark People Group?


Welcome Back!!!!!! No we are not tired of you at least I'm not. Your'e just struggling to maintain working out on the regular. But hey we knew this would happen way before we got started on this joruney. Remember? We all started off struggling:).

But you've worked out for 3 day out of the week. Give yourself prop that count for something.
The other key is you're fighting to finish and mantain a healthier lifestyle. So keep doing whatever it take to finish strong. I'm proud that you haven't given up.

one more thing you might want to have your Iron check. The sluggish and tired feeling can be from iron been low. If not already take a multivitamin.

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